DigitalThink Customer Centric Engagement Model
DigitalThink follows a sophisticated strategy in delivering its services. A robust and powerful engagement model is the foundation for an effective offshore experience. Our engagement model is highly Customer centered toward fulfilling customer’s

Dedicated teams to deliver all our services :
SEO, PPC, Media, Analytics, Creative production, Web & App development and Marketing automation. Internal knowledge & learning systems for continuous improvement in processes and adaptation to changes in the market Internal processes, tools & systems to consistently deliver high quality services. Project management layer to ensure integration across services and on-time delivery Account management layer to understand client objectives and deliver results

Hire Dedicated Resources
When you opt for hire dedicated resource service, you are the key person of your project. You will be executing your project step by step and our developers will work according to work assigned by you and then report the progress to you, just like your in-house staff working with you.

Under this engagement model, DigitalThink assigns its project managers, developer & testers, special consultants etc. for your project dedicatedly. We do all the work and provide you the most dependable, sincere and creative staff. Our employees work remotely from our offices located in Trivandrum, India. At DigitalThink we believe we can further assist in your success and add to your bottom line profits through our Monthly Resource Hiring.

/ Our resources work dedicatedly on your project
/ You get best possible value for your money
/ No need to purchase and setup hardware & software resources
/ No need to create development environment and infrastructure
/ No need to recruit a full time development team
/ Cost saving over in-house development team
/ Get the right professional with expertise for your every specific project
/ Get experienced Account Management team
/ Reporting process remain accurate and continuous
/ Provide secure development environment









Quick Summary
  • A multi award winning agency with a proven track record.
  • 15+ of experience in the Digital Media Industry
  • Rapid turnaround times and extremely competitive prices.
  • Experts in cross-platform services for Web, Apps & Games.
  • Independent Studios for Design & Digital Marketing
  • Over 5 Development & Marketing Office across The World
  • Client portfolio includes startups to large Fortune 500
  • Creative Jury of Morethen 6 International Design Awards
  • Established in 2000, Based in India

The user interface is the medium of communication between people and their machines, and a DigitalThink designed interface must be intuitive, enjoyable and quick. Our 15+ Years experienced Chief Usability Director KARTHIK ensures that “every single pixel we design improves & enhance the user experience”. He’s involved in every single stepof the User Interface design process. The DigitalThink GUI team carefully tweak the colors, perspective, depth of field, composition, symmetry, contrast, Usability of each and every section, lighting, typography and UI Documentation until its perfect